Wanting to Apply to MIA?

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Wanting to Apply to MIA?

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:47 am

If you wish to join MIA then please apply to the Wing Administrator of the appropriate wing. This is assuming you meet our requirements which we will adhere to strictly, so do not try if you don’t meet them. The wing administrator will then be set as your sitter to check your account before you are approved for joining.

The three sections of MIA in the SW

For players with co-ordinates both over -50
i.e. (-57|-79)


For players not in the (MIA) area with a larger first co-ordinate than the second
i.e. (-125|-22)


For players not in the (MIA) area with a larger second co-ordinate than the first
i.e. (-9|-67)

Entry requirements
We work on a points system for entrance into MIA. Points are counted by adding the sum of your population and your army wheat consumption.

For example, a player with 600 population, 500 axes, 200 paladins and 100 spearmen would have: -
600 + 500 + (200 x 2) + 100 = 1600 points

Our current point requirement is 1000 points.

We also expect ALL players to have a reasonably sized army despite their points score. This will be checked out on the sitting before entry.

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